Author: Donald Scarinci


New Jersey Supreme Court Clarifies Relationship Between Workers’ Comp and NJLAD

By Donald Scarinci In Caraballo v. City of Jersey City, (A-71-17/080467) (Decided March 29, 2019), the Supreme Court of New Jersey held that police detective Frank Caraballo’s failure to utilize the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act’s (Act) administrative remedies to obtain knee replacement surgery precluded his failure-to-accommodate claim under the

NJ Supreme Court Rules Experts Can Testify About Symptom Magnification

In Alexandra Rodriguez v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., No. A-2/3-17/079470 (March 4, 2019), the New Jersey Supreme Court held that the admissibility of medical expert testimony using terms such as “somatization” and “symptom magnification” must be determined by trial courts on a case-by-case basis, consistent with the New Jersey Rules of Evidence

NJ Supreme Court Suppresses Gun Evidence in State v. Chisum

In State v. Chisum (decided February 5, 2019) the Supreme Court of New Jersey held that police officers lacked a reasonable suspicion to justify detaining 10 party guests in a motel room after concluding their investigation of a noise complaint. Accordingly, the weapons they discovered during the investigatory detention were

New Jersey Supreme Court Strikes Down Consumer Arbitration Agreement

In Kernahan v. Home Warranty Administrator of Florida, the Supreme Court of New Jersey refused to enforce a mandatory arbitration agreement in a home warranty contract because it lacked mutual assent. The court did not reach the argument of whether its ruling in Atalese v. U.S. Legal Services Group should

SCOTUS to Decide Whether Age Discrimination Law Applies to Small Public Employers

U.S. Supreme Court Expands NJ Public Schools’ Special Education Obligations

In Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously held that public schools are responsible for providing students with disabilities education programs that are “more than de minimis.” The Court’s decision significantly expands the obligations of New Jersey public schools under the Individuals with Disabilities Education