NJ Supreme Court Considers Admissibility of DRE Evidence

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in a case concerning what type of evidence is admissible to show that a defendant was under the influence of narcotics while driving, specifically the admissibility of drug recognition expert (DRE) testimony. The court’s decision in State v. Michael Olenowski is likely

Third Circuit Rules NJIT Liable for Attorneys’ Fees under OPRA

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently held in Golden v. New Jersey Inst. of Tech. that an author was wrongly denied fees under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (“OPRA”). According to the appeals court, although the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) directed the New Jersey

Dark Money

Federal Court Enjoins New Jersey Dark Money Law

U.S. District Judge Brian Martinotti recently issued a preliminary injunction in Americans for Prosperity v. Grewal. The order halts the implementation of Senate Bill No. 150, which is often referred to as New Jersey’s dark money law. In support of his decision, Judge Martinotti cited “the likely unconstitutional reach of the

New Jersey Supreme Court Establishes New Requirements for Additur or Remittitur

New Jersey Supreme Court Establishes New Requirements for Additur or Remittitur

In Orientale v. Jennings, (A-43-17/079953) (Decided September 23, 2019), the Supreme Court of New Jersey revised the requirements for additur or remittitur. Going forward, when a damages award is deemed a miscarriage of justice requiring the grant of a new trial, the acceptance of a damages award fixed by the


NJ Supreme Court Clarifies Standards for Enhanced DWI Sentences

In State v. Charudutt J. Patel (A-13-18/081069) (Decided August 7, 2019), the Supreme Court of New Jersey clarified the applicable standards for both indigent and non-indigent defendants who seek relief from an enhanced custodial sentence for a second or subsequent driving while intoxicated (DWI) based on a claimed denial of