Month: August 2022

NJ High Court Clarifies Standard for Compassionate Release Statute

In State v. F.E.D. (A-12-21/086187) (Decided August 3, 2022), the Supreme Court of New Jersey held that the State’s Compassionate Release Statute does not require that an inmate prove that he is unable to perform any activity of basic daily living in order to establish a “permanent physical incapacity” under

NJ Supreme Court Sides with Insurer in Product Liability Case Involving Amputation

In Norman International Inc. et al. v. Admiral Insurance Co.(A-24-21/086155) (Decided August 10, 2022), the Supreme Court of New Jersey upheld Admiral Insurance Co.’s denial of coverage to a window coverings company, concluding that the insurer properly relied on a policy exclusion. According to the court, the policy’s broad and

NJ Supreme Court Reverses Child Abuse Conviction After Defendant Denied Right to Counsel

NJ Supreme Court Rules Workers Misclassified as Independent Contractors

In East Bay Drywall, LLC. v. Department of Labor and Workforce Development (A-7-21) (085770) (Decided August 2, 2022), the Supreme Court of New Jersey held that drywall workers employed by East Bay Drywall, LLC, were improperly classified as independent contractors under the Unemployment Compensation Law. According to the court, having

NJ Supreme Court Overturns Murder Conviction After Finding Right to Counsel Violated

In State v. Quinnizel J. Clark (A-67-20/A-37-21/085271) (Decided June 20, 2022), the Supreme Court of New Jersey vacated the murder conviction of Defendant Quinnizel Clark and granted him a new trial after finding that his right to counsel was violated. According to the court, once the defendant invoked his right