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New Jersey’s Arbitration Interest Cap Set to Expire

Local governments should be aware that the two percent cap on interest arbitration awards is set to expire at the end of the year. The cap limits how much compensation arbitrators can award police and firefighters who have reached a contract negotiation impasse with New Jersey municipalities. Under existing law, any


NJ Supreme Court Overturns Arbitration Award in Teacher Misconduct Case

In Bound Brook Board of Education v. Glenn Ciripompa, the Supreme Court of New Jersey held that an arbitrator exceeded his authority by applying the standard for proving a hostile-work-environment, sexual-harassment claim under the Law Against Discrimination (LAD) to a claim of unbecoming conduct in a tenured teacher misconduct hearing.  Facts


NJ Supreme Court Gives Deference to Arbitration Award in Public-Sector Labor Dispute

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently upheld an arbitration award in a dispute between a municipality and local labor union. In doing so, it highlighted that courts should give great deference to arbitration awards in New Jersey public-sector labor disputes so long as they are reasonably debatable. The Facts of