Month: August 2015

NJ Attorney General Issues Police Body Worn Camera Directive

Acting Attorney General John Hoffman recently issued a directive regarding the use of body worn cameras (BWCs) by New Jersey law enforcement officers. While the decision to acquire body cameras is left to individual police departments and municipalities, the directive establishes foundational requirements for those entities that decide to deploy

Jersey City Ordinance Restricts Chain Stores From Operating Downtown

Jersey City Ordinance Restricts Chains Store from Operating Downtown

In an effort to retain the character of its downtown area and encourage “mom-and-pop” and other unique enterprises, Jersey City recently enacted a municipal ordinance that will limit chain stores to 30 percent of the ground-floor commercial space on any lot located in the downtown area. While the first of

NJ Appeals Court Upholds Hoboken’s Affordable Housing Ordinance

NJ Appeals Court Upholds Hoboken’s Affordable Housing Ordinance

In Fair Share Housing Center v. Zoning Board of Hoboken, et al., the Appellate Division considered five consolidated appeals filed to determine the enforceability of an affordable housing ordinance adopted by the City of Hoboken. The appeals court ultimately determined that the ordinance was enforceable, overturning the trial court’s ruling.