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NJ Supreme Court to Consider Disclosure of Police Dash Cam Videos

NJ Council on Local Mandates Puts Police Camera Requirement on Hold

The New Jersey Council on Local Mandates has put the state’s police camera law on hold, at least temporarily. The statute requires that every new or used municipal police vehicle purchased, leased, or otherwise acquired on or after the bill’s effective date that is primarily used for traffic stops must

NJ Attorney General Issues Police Body Worn Camera Directive

Acting Attorney General John Hoffman recently issued a directive regarding the use of body worn cameras (BWCs) by New Jersey law enforcement officers. While the decision to acquire body cameras is left to individual police departments and municipalities, the directive establishes foundational requirements for those entities that decide to deploy

NJ Judge Rules Police Dash Cam Videos Subject to OPRA

NJ Judge Rules Police Dashboard Camera Videos Subject to OPRA

A New Jersey judge recently ruled that videos recorded by police dashboard cameras are subject to New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA). The decision is expected to have wide implications, particularly given that Gov. Chris Christie recently signed a new law that will require that certain police vehicles be

New Jersey Police Camera Mandate Signed into Law

Last month, Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation that will require police vehicles to be equipped with mobile video recording systems. While this new mandate may help greatly in cases of alleged police misconduct, many municipalities are understandably concerned about the potential costs and privacy concerns generated by the new law.