Author: Jorge R. de Armas

NJ Appeals Court Addresses Validity of Referendum Petition Using E-Signatures

In Township of Montclair Committee of Petitioners v. Township of Montclair, the Appellate Division addressed the validity of a referendum petition that relied on voters’ electronic signatures. The appeals court held that the Clerk of the Township of Montclair (Clerk) acted arbitrarily and capriciously when she determined that a petition

Key Takeaways from Appellate Division’s Latest OPRA Decision

Key Takeaways from Appellate Division’s Latest OPRA Decision

The Appellate Division recently held that  police internal affairs files were not subject to disclosure under the state’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA)… In Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC v. Township of Neptune, the Appellate Division held that police internal affairs files were not subject to disclosure under the state’s

Legislation Authorizing Electronic Public Notices Advances

Executive Order Allows Electronic Submission of Referendum Petitions

COVID-19 continues to change the way local government business is conducted in New Jersey. On April 29, Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order allowing county and municipal clerks to accept initiative and referendum petitions electronically. Executive Order 132 also authorizes signatures for these petitions to be collected electronically. The measure aims

Public bidding

The DLGS Issues Guidance on COVID 19 – Key Takeaways from Local Finance Notice on Emergency Procurement

The Division of Local Government Services (DLGS) recently issued a Local Finance Notice regarding the need for emergency procurement in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. The guidance, LFN 2020-06, also addresses public bidding concerns and the use of storm recovery reserves. Emergency Procurement As highlighted by the DLGS, the COVID-19 public health

311 message

NJ Appeals Court Rules 311 Message Is Sufficient Notice Under TCA

With pothole season underway, New Jersey municipalities should be aware of a recent Appellate Division decision. In Martinez v. City of Hoboken, the Appellate Division held that a plaintiff’s message to the city of Hoboken on the City’s electronic 311 online reporting system regarding an injury she sustained stepping in a pothole was sufficient