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NJ Supreme Court to Clarify Whether Candidates Can Face Criminal Charges for Accepting Bribes

NJ Supreme Court to Clarify Whether Candidates Can Face Criminal Charges for Accepting Bribes

The Supreme Court of New Jersey recently agreed to consider State v. Jason M. O’Donnell, which involves whether a candidate who loses an election was still be convicted of accepting a bribe. Facts of the Case A grand jury charged defendant Jason M. O’Donnell with a violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:27-2,

NJ Appeals Court Addresses Validity of Referendum Petition Using E-Signatures

In Township of Montclair Committee of Petitioners v. Township of Montclair, the Appellate Division addressed the validity of a referendum petition that relied on voters’ electronic signatures. The appeals court held that the Clerk of the Township of Montclair (Clerk) acted arbitrarily and capriciously when she determined that a petition

Gov. Murphy Signs NJ Voter Registration Bill

Gov. Phil Murphy recently signed legislation into law that expands voter registration in New Jersey. Pursuant to Assembly Bill No. 2014, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will automatically register to vote and update voter registration for eligible applicant when applying for motor vehicle driver’s license, examination permit, probationary

NJ Appeals Court Clarifies ELEC Authority to Issue Complaint

In New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission v. DiVincenzo, the Appellate Division held that the Election Law Enforcement Commission (also known as “ELEC” or the “Commission”) still had jurisdiction to issue a complaint even though only two members voted due to vacancies.  According to the appeals court, the common-law quorum

Local Finance Notice Addresses Municipal Levy Cap Referendum Procedures

NJ Appeals Court Upholds 21-Day Voter Registration Deadline

New Jersey citizens planning to vote for the next President will need to make sure that they are registered three weeks prior to the election. In Rutgers University Student Association v. Middlesex County Board of Elections, the Appellate Division rejected a legal challenge to the state’s 21-day pre-election registration requirement.