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Understanding How You May Be Impacted by the Permit Extension Act of 2020

On July 1, 2020, Gov. Phil Murphy signed the “Permit Extension Act of 2020” into law. The new law (Assembly Bill No. 3919) extends certain permits, approvals, and deadlines for the duration of the public health emergency associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The law took effect immediately and is retroactive to

NJ Permit Extension Act Headed for the Sunset

NJ Permit Extension Act Headed for the Sunset

In 2008, New Jersey first passed the Permit Extension Act, which suspends the running of the period of any covered permit or approval in existence during the “extension period.” Given that the New Jersey legislature has taken no further action, the statute will likely sunset at the end of the

Sun Doesn’t Set on Permit Extension Act

Sun Doesn’t Set on NJ Permit Extension Act

Late last month, Gov. Chris Christie again extended the Permit Extension Act of 2008. The statute recognizes that the process of obtaining government approvals can be time consuming and expensive, for both for businesses and government bodies and tolls such permits to prevent the abandonment of approved projects due to

Jersey City Updates Tax Abatement Policy and Procedures

Legislation to Extend Permit Extension Act Introduced in New Jersey Assembly

On October 16, several New Jersey lawmakers introduced legislation to extend the Permit Extension Act of 2008 for another two years. The statute, which was first enacted during the recession, extends the expiration date of certain permits and other governmental approvals. As we have previously discussed on this blog, the