Month: January 2015

Should New Jersey Municipalities Supply Their Own Internet?

As part of his State of the Union Address, President Obama touched on an important new initiative that could make it easier for New Jersey municipalities to build and run digital communications infrastructures. Under President Obama’s plan, aimed at increasing competition and innovation while safeguarding net neutrality, the federal government

NJ Tax Court Issues Key Cell Tower Tax Ruling

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Municipality in Cell Tower Suit

The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued a decision in T-Mobile South LLC v. City of Roswell, which involved the city’s denial of a cell tower application. The Court held that the federal Telecommunications Act mandates that municipalities provide a written explanation when denying a request, and that the explanation must

Chevron Takes Center Stage in Third Circuit’s FMLA Decision

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Constitutionality of Municipal Sign Ordinance

The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, which involves whether an Arizona town’s sign ordinance violates the First Amendment. While the Court seemed inclined to give municipalities some leeway in regulating signs, it is unclear where the justices will draw the line. As

New Law Authorizes NJ Municipalities to Pass Ordinances to Address Vacant Properties

Last summer, Governor Chris Christie signed two bills that allow New Jersey municipalities to regulate vacant and abandoned residential properties in foreclosure proceedings. Municipalities may regulate the care, maintenance, security, and upkeep of these properties. As previously reported on this blog, P.L. 2014 c. 5, which took effect on July

Sun Doesn’t Set on Permit Extension Act

Sun Doesn’t Set on NJ Permit Extension Act

Late last month, Gov. Chris Christie again extended the Permit Extension Act of 2008. The statute recognizes that the process of obtaining government approvals can be time consuming and expensive, for both for businesses and government bodies and tolls such permits to prevent the abandonment of approved projects due to

NJ Court Rules Res Judicata Did Not Bar Development Application

NJ Appeals Court Dismisses Ethics Complaint Involving Mayor’s Personal Attorney Serving as Municipal Attorney

In Scoblink-O’Neill v. Local Finance Board, the Appellate Division recently concluded that the former Mayor of the Borough of Haddon Heights did not violate New Jersey’s Local Government Ethics Law when he facilitated the appointment of his personal attorney as borough counsel. The Facts of the Case Susan Scoblink-O’Neill filed

Appeals Court Rules New Jersey School Not Liable for Injury Caused by Errant Baseball

Appeals Court Rules New Jersey School Not Liable for Injury Caused by Errant Baseball

Homework matters, even in baseball. The Appellate Division recently held that a local school board could not be held liable for the injuries suffered by Tenafly mother, who was struck by a baseball while attending her son’s game. The decision in Brigante v. Tenafly Board of Education addresses when a