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Subs Appointed to New Jersey Supreme Court

New Jersey continues to be plagued by judicial vacancies, with two seats on the state’s highest court still unfilled. As a temporary fix, Chief Justice Stuart Rabner has elevated Judges Mary Cuff and Ariel Rodriguez to sit on the New Jersey Supreme Court starting October 1. As we have previously

Senate Approves New Jersey Judicial Nominees

Gov. Chris Christie was able to skirt his political feud with state Sen. Ronald Rice, D-Essex, to secure the nomination of his judicial appointee, Former Attorney General Paula Dow. Dow was originally nominated in Essex County, but had to move to Burlington County in order to avoid the political impasse

Harris Rejected in Battle For Political Balance On New Jersey Supreme Court

For the second time in modern history, the Senate Judiciary Committee has rejected the Governor’s nominee to the New Jersey Supreme Court by a vote of 7-6 after a hearing lasting approximately five hours. New Jersey lawyer Bruce Harris would have made history as the court’s first openly gay member

In New Jersey, Justice May Not Be Denied, But It Will Be Delayed

New Jersey faces a serious shortage of trial court judges, and the growing judicial vacancy rate will soon impact how long it takes for cases to be decided. In Essex County, the shortage prompted Assignment Judge Patricia Costello to suspend complex civil litigation and all matrimonial trials for at least