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New Jersey Governor and Legislature Authorize Public Entities To Use Solar Energy Generation to Offset Overall Electric Bills

Legislation approved by the New Jersey Legislature on June 25, 2012 and expected to be signed by Governor Christie has removed what had been a major obstacle to the widespread installation of solar energy facilities by municipalities, school districts and other public entities. Until now, if a public entity wanted

New Jersey Lawmakers Want to Tie Tenure to Teacher Performance

New Jersey has one of the best public school systems in the country and ranks second in per pupil spending. However, many argue that New Jersey’s tenure program for teachers is in dire need of an overhaul to keep the most effective teachers in the classroom. Under New Jersey’s current

Senator Loretta Weinberg Champions the Public’s Right for Transparency in Government

Legislative efforts to strengthen the state’s Open Public Meetings Act and the Open Public Records Act have met significant resistance from New Jersey municipalities. The amendments, proposed by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, D-Teaneck, are intended to update the New Jersey open records laws and bring them in line with

Who Were The People Responsible For NJ Congressional Redistricting in 2012?

Democrats in New Jersey experienced their greatest loss since the defeat of Governor John Corzine in this month’s primary.  Congressional redistricting resulted in a divisive Democratic Primary between two incumbent Congressmen in the 9th Congressional District and the expected loss of one Democratic member of Congress from the New Jersey

Stop and Say Cheese: New Jersey May Ban Controversial Red Light Camera

The legality of red light enforcement cameras is under fire in New Jersey. While the cameras are intended to help police remotely detect violations of traffic control signals, critics contend that they have a minimal benefit on public safety while generating large revenue for New Jersey municipalities. Now, a proposed

Stand Up and Be Counted: How Population Shifts Impact New Jersey Elections

While many don’t give a second thought to the government census forms that arrive in their mailboxes every ten years, they have a profound effect on our political representation. Both congressional apportionment and redistricting must be undertaken after each U.S. census to reflect population changes over the past decade. In

Deliberative Privilege Off Limits in Government Contract Lawsuit

The Appellate Division’s recent decision in a breach-of-contract case involving the State of New Jersey will greatly influence the government’s ability to shield documents from the courtroom. The court determined that the deliberative process privilege did not apply to documents that were directly related to the lawsuit. Correctional Medical Services

Harris Rejected in Battle For Political Balance On New Jersey Supreme Court

For the second time in modern history, the Senate Judiciary Committee has rejected the Governor’s nominee to the New Jersey Supreme Court by a vote of 7-6 after a hearing lasting approximately five hours. New Jersey lawyer Bruce Harris would have made history as the court’s first openly gay member