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UEZ Compromise Bill Introduced in NJ Legislature

The extension of several expiring Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZs) may not be a lost cause. Compromise legislation is currently under consideration in the Assembly that would extend the designation for two years in the five municipalities where it is scheduled to expire this year.  As we have previously discussed on

Gov. Christie Conditionally Vetoes UEZ Bill

Gov. Christie Conditionally Vetoes UEZ Bill

Gov. Chris Christie recently conditionally vetoed legislation to extend the Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) designation in several New Jersey municipalities. Citing the “UEZ program’s lack of demonstrable success,” Gov. Christie stated that he could not support extending it and made extensive recommendations for reconsideration. As we have previously discussed on

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Urban Enterprise Zone Bills Advancing in NJ Assembly

Two bills intended to strengthen the Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) are advancing in the New Jersey Assembly. One measure addresses urban enterprise zone sales tax revenues, while the other extends the UEZ designation in all qualifying municipalities for additional 10 years. New Jersey’s Urban Enterprise (UEZ) Program, which dates back