Author: Shana T. Don

NJ Senate Passes Bill Requiring Public Disclosure of Bidders’ List

Appellate Division Rules that Courts Can’t Rewrite Initiative Petitions

In a matter of first impression, the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court ruled that in a pre-election challenge courts do not have the authority to remove a problematic provision from a proposed law and order that it be placed on the ballot, even when it contained a

Matters of the Heart: NJ Schools Must Comply With New Cardiac Emergency Regulations

Matters of the Heart: NJ Schools Must Comply With New Cardiac Emergency Regulations

Students aren’t the only ones headed back to school this fall. New Jersey municipalities and school districts are learning to apply new emergency regulations. The curriculum will be: preparation to comply with two new laws intended to improve how schools respond to cardiac emergencies. The first addresses educators, coaches and

public employees

U.S. Supreme Court Addresses First Amendment Rights of Public Employees

New Jersey municipalities should be aware of an important U.S. Supreme Court decision addressing the expanded free speech rights of public employees. In Lane v. Franks, a unanimous Court held that the First Amendment protected a public employee when he testified truthfully about fraud in the work place pursuant to

NJ Appeals Court Upholds Automatic Approval of Site Plan Application

New Jersey Court Rules on a Freeholder Director’s Veto Power

The Superior Court of New Jersey in Salem County approved its opinion in the case of Salem County Improvement Authority v. Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders for publication on May 12, 2014, concerning the extent of a freeholder director’s veto power under N.J.S.A. 40:37A-50. Facts of the case Here,