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DCA Model Statewide Municipal EV Ordinance Now in Effect

DCA Model Statewide Municipal EV Ordinance Now in Effect

A Model Statewide Municipal Electric Vehicle (EV) Ordinance is now in effect throughout New Jersey. The ordinance was mandated under a new law, S-3223 (P.L.2021, c.171), requiring that Electric Vehicle Supply/Service Equipment (EVSE) and Make-Ready parking spaces be designated as a permitted accessory use in all zoning or use districts in New Jersey. The

NJ Appeals Court Upholds Ordinances Imposing Landlord Fees

In Christopher C. Cona v. Township of Washington, the Appellate Division upheld a local ordinance imposing certain landlord fees. In reaching its decision, the appeals court distinguished the matter from Timber Glen Phase III v. Township of Hamilton, which struck down an ordinance requiring landlords to be licensed and pay

Cannabis Legalization Requires NJ Municipalities to Make Important Choice

With New Jersey poised to legalize recreational cannabis, local municipalities have some tough decisions to make. Many are already crafting regulations to either allow or prohibit cannabis dispensaries and other businesses. Proposed NJ Cannabis Bill Allows Local Ordinances Sen. Nicholas Scutari recently reintroduced legislation that would legalize recreational use of small

NJ Appeals Court Addresses Reach of Timber Glen Decision

The Appellate Division recently addressed the extent to which its previous decision in Timber Glen Phase III, LLC v. Township of Hamilton limits municipal authority to regulate residential rental properties. In State of New Jersey v. Mill Village Apartments, the Appeals Court held that inspection requirements are not de facto

Bill Would Allow NJ Municipalities to Impose Police and Fire Residency Requirements

Bill Would Allow NJ Municipalities to Impose Police and Fire Residency Requirements

A proposed bill would allow New Jersey municipalities to adopt ordinances requiring police officers and firefighters to satisfy a minimum residency requirement. The legislation is currently awaiting Gov. Chris Christie’s signature. In 2012, the State of New Jersey passed a residency requirement for all public employees. The proposed measure would give

New Jersey Passes Bill to Tax Short-Term Rentals

Jersey City Proposes Ordinance Authorizing Airbnb Rentals

Jersey City has become the first New Jersey municipality to formally sanction the home-sharing platform, Airbnb, which is banned from many metropolitan areas, including New York City. Under an agreement reached with the short-term rental company, Airbnb will charge and collect the standard hotel tax on their rentals in the

NJ Appeals Court Strikes Down Residential Apartment Licensing Ordinance

In Timber Glen Phase III, LLC v. Township of Hamilton, the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court addressed the authority of municipalities to license residential rental properties. The appeals court ultimately concluded that the ordinance, which required the registration and licensing of apartment units, fell outside the authority