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UEZ compromise

UEZ Compromise Bill Introduced in NJ Legislature

The extension of several expiring Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZs) may not be a lost cause. Compromise legislation is currently under consideration in the Assembly that would extend the designation for two years in the five municipalities where it is scheduled to expire this year.  As we have previously discussed on

City of Irvington Using Eminent Domain To Help Underwater Homeowners

Irvington, New Jersey, is plagued by residents with underwater mortgages, homes in foreclosure and residences left abandoned. In response, the Township Council has authorized the mayor and administration to use eminent domain to acquire properties with mortgage problems. Eminent domain is the procedure whereby governments are allowed to acquire property

“Breakfast After the Bell” Program May Be Expanding in New Jersey

New Jersey legislators are seeking to expand the “Breakfast After the Bell” program as evidence by a bill passed by the Assembly (A-679). The bill requires the state to monitor and record the percentage of eligible students participating in the meal program in each school district. The bill also requires

Federal Court Dismisses School Bullying Claim Against East Orange Board of Education

Bullying claims continue to pose challenges for boards of education throughout New Jersey. The United States District Court recently dismissed a suit against the East Orange Board of Education, which alleged various state and federal statutory, constitutional, and common law claims. The plaintiff in the case, a guardian ad litem

Latest EEOC Guidance on Religious Discrimination Addresses Public Employees

Many employment discrimination laws that apply to private employers also apply to New Jersey municipalities. Most notably, the definition of “employer” under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 includes state and local governments. As municipalities should be aware, Title VII prohibits employers with at least 15 employees

Reminder to NJ Municipalities: Direct Deposit Law Takes Effect This Summer

While summer may seem eons away, New Jersey cities and towns should start to consider whether they plan to take advantage of a new law that allows municipalities to pay their employees using direct deposit. Under P.L. 2013, c.28, direct deposit will be required for all State employee compensation on

NJ Court Rules Bar’s Legal Challenge Is Moot Because Municipality Rescinded Ordinance

NJ Court Rules Bar’s Legal Challenge Is Moot Because Municipality Rescinded Ordinance

Martell’s Tiki Bar’s Legal Challenge to a Point Pleasant Beach ordinance that would have restricted its operating hours is moot because the borough subsequently rescinded the measure, according to a New Jersey Superior Court ruling. The court further concluded that because the bar suffered no damages due to the ordinance, attorney’s

NJ Appeals Court Sides with Morris County in Condemnation Action

NJ Tax Court Clarifies Requirements for Chapter 91 Requests Involving Contiguous Lots

The New Jersey Tax Court recently considered a novel question of interest to both municipalities and commercial landowners — whether a taxpayer that receives two Chapter 91 requests for two separate lots governed by a singular lease agreement has “failed or refused to respond” pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:4-34 by having